Andriy Tkachuk

tkachukAndriy was born on June 22nd, 1983 in the village Sabanivka (Lviv region, Ukraine). From early childhood began studying music. He studied at the music school №1 in Radehiv named after I. Bilozir. Later on went to study at the Volyn State College of Culture and Arts named after I. Stravinsky. In 2002 entered Lviv National Music Academy named after M. Lysenko.

In 2002 Andriy became an orchestra musician in opera studio of LNMA named after M Lysenko. Since 2003 was an orchestra musician in Lviv Philharmonic Orchestra. With this orchestra he toured best concert halls in Germany, France, Switzerland, Spain, Portugal, South Korea and the United Arab Emirates.

In 2006 he became a Second Prize Winner of Ukrainian Viacheslav Starchenko Competition in Rivne. He took part in many festivals in different cities of Ukraine.

In 2004 graduated from Lviv National Music Academy named after M. V. Lysenko and obtained complete higher education in the specialty of “ART OF MUSIC” and was given the qualification of teacher of orchestral string instruments (bassoon), orchestra musician, chamber ensemble musician, concert performer.

In 2007, on a competitive basis was accepted in a bassoon section of Academic Symphony Orchestra of Lviv Philharmonic. Also this year entered the post graduate program at Lviv National Music Academy named after M. V. Lysenko in class for bassoon of Professor V. Tsayts.

From the same year Andriy began his solo performing activity with different orchestras in Lviv and Ukraine.
In 2008 he was invited as principal of bassoons in Symphony Orchestra INSO – Lviv, led by Gunhard Mattes (Switzerland).

In 2009 Andriy became a First Prize Winner of the Ukrainian Competition of Chamber Ensembles and Quartets in Lviv.

Since 2013 he became a bassoon teacher in Specialized Music Boarding School named after Solomiya Krushelnytska.

Currently Andriy works as a solo bassoon player in Youth Symphony Orchestra INSO – Lviv and in Academic Symphony Orchestra of Lviv Philharmonic. Also he actively engaged as
soloist with symphony and chamber orchestras of Lviv and Ukraine.

Working on a research entitled „Artistic and expressive potential of bassoon in the works of Ukrainian composers XX – XXI centuries”. During the years 2010-2011 was published two articles on the subject of the research in professional journals:
• «expressions and color possibilities of bassoon in the Second Symphony of L. Revutsky.“
• «About expressive specifics of musical timbre.“{:}